Kerastase´s Volumifique Gel Treatment


If like me, your hair looks fine and limp when straightened and you’ve tried several thickening products to add the extra oomph it needs, well you’ve been warned what not to try.  Kerastase´s thickening effect gel treatment from their Volumifique line is anything but effective. The fact that it was a gel appealed to me as I didn’t want anything too creamy to weigh my locks down. I did exactly what it said on the bottle and left it on for an extra couple of minutes while dreaming of the voluptuous locks I´d end up with…

Unfortunately, I felt it was all a con. It is sold as a conditioner and already while rinsening it off it felt quite tough and just the same as I when I rinse off my shampoo. After blowdrying with my regular heat protective balm (Kerastase´s  Ciment Thermique, which is fab BTW) my hair looked just the same as when I hadn’t done the treatment.  In fact, it also seemed to leave more fly-away hairs and my ends were more prone to frizz. So as for volume that’s as far as it went.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Kerastase and have tried many of their products.  Some I still use and others I still go back to, but this one I’m afraid is a big no no.

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