Davines: Best treatment for thinning hair



I remember a few years ago when I was blowdrying my hair and freaking out when I noticed I could see my scalp through my hair at the top of my head. I wasn’t sure how it got so bad so quickly.😟 I mean, I had noticed my hair shedding but never imagined this!

I didn’t want to wait any longer so I went to my hairdresser to get a diagnose. He used a special camera-like gadget to zoom into my

scalp to see what was causing my hair loss and it turned out to be a shampoo I had been trying which left lots of residue on the follicles, causing these to block and weaken the roots.  He told me I had to do something fast before it was too late as I could end up with permanent bald patches.  I thought this was all too dramatic but couldn’t risk it getting worse, that was for sure.


From then on, I discovered the wonderful world of Davines.  I was a little sceptical as it was a little pricey and hadn’t heard about them before but, once I saw results after a couple of weeks I knew I was hooked.  I was using the shampoo to clean and revitalise the scalp and massage the Energising Superactive lotion into my scalp. I was told to do this every other night (whether you’d washed your hair or not) for the first month and then twice a week for the following three months. After two weeks, the results were obvious.  I´d noticed the hair that had fallen during washing and combing was close to nothing and after a few months later my hair looked, felt stronger and thicker at the roots.  I continued the treatment for about a year and half, gave my scalp a break for about three months in between each treatment and after that my hairdresser recommended using the Energising Gel instead which I still use now.gel-energizante-150-ml

As I have long hair,  it took a couple of years to fully appreciate the results down to my ends as I had to let it grow but I’m so glad I found this wonderful product.  It not only prevented my condition from getting worse but it also fortified and thickened my fine hair.

Davines claims their Energising Superactive combats hormone-related hair loss, alopecia and sebum hyper-production. I guess if you’re really worried about your condition and think it might be due to a health issue, my best bet would be to seek advice from your doctor or dermatologist.

Happy hair day💋


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