Tie-Dye Springs Back


The irregular intensity and shades of tie dying are back for Spring/Summer 18. Pharrell Williams´ collaboration with Adidas and Michael Kors have bet on this 90´s trend. While Kors has used this technique in trench coats, summery dresses and pants, Adidas have coloured their sportswear with bold colours and traces of this ghostly print. Harmonious purple hues and strong powerful colours combine in the latter and give off the essence of, which it is based on, the Indian Festival of Holi.


However, this has back fired for Adidas as they have been accused for appropriation by the Hindi community and believe they are using this spiritual celebration for marketing purposes, which in their eyes disrespects the religious act.

Read more about this on highsnobiety.com

On the other hand, Michael Kors has simply turned this once almost-hippy-looking print from 20 years ago to a more sophisticated yet casual look as we can appreciate in his beige tie-dye trench coat or light blue airy dress.


Check out more of his tie-dye looks here in Vogue UK


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