Denim Rips Dare to Bare


Ripped jeans at the knees are old news. Rips are moving upwards to the derrière and in some cases leaving nothing to the imagination in the case of thong jeans or crotchless jeans from The Ragged Priest. These last ones haven´t had a good reaction from the public and were highly mocked. Personally, these just don’t seem to grow on me..


However, if I had to choose between these buttless jeans and the thong jeans, my decision is clear. Thong jeans look trashy and are pointless strings hanging down legs, which leave not only nothing to the imagination but say nothing in the name fashion.


Check out articles on:

Bum ripped jeans from Asos here in Daily Star

Crotchless jeans from The Ragged Priest here in Fox News

Thong jeans by Yandy here in Fox News

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