Cult Gaia VS Steve Madden



These two bags look practically the same but in fact they are from two different designers.  The one on the left is Steve Madden´s Shipper bag and the one on the right is by Cult Gaia. Truth is, Cult Gaia´s founder Jasmine Larian has sued Steven Madden for `infringing´its best known Ark bag, whereas Steve Madden has fought back in its defence.  In his complaint, he states about the true originality of the bag as she has too copied the traditional Japanese bamboo picnic bag.


In my eyes, Larian has brought a traditional accessory into her collection as part of her inspiration and has done right in doing so.  The variety of colours and materials used in her collection has reawakened the purpose of this Japanese utility bag and is a base to her other wonderful bamboo bags in her collection.

Check out the full article in The Fashion Law


Check out Cult Gaia´s bag collection here.

2 thoughts on “Cult Gaia VS Steve Madden”

  1. I agree with you that Larian can bring the design into her collection, but she can’t sue others for doing the same thing. It isn’t her design. She is attacking Madden for doing what she has already done… mimic a traditional Japanese design.


    1. I totally agree with you Amanda. It was neither of their original design but hey, at least she can say she took `inspiration´ (highly untrue as it is an exact copy) from the beginning.


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