Which would be your Colour of the Year 2018?


As part of my research into trends for my Coolhunting course I’ve been recently taking, I came across Trendstop´s blog and found this wonderful post about Colour of the Year 2018 prediction. All these colours symbolise different characteristics such as these funky red tones which scream out PASSION, ENERGY AND POWER. Seems like this colour will be a focal point for this year and the next!


Or this Sunglow Yellow which radiates HOPE, HONOUR AND JOYNESS. These are some of the few colours, which based on lots of research, were in the leading predictions for Colour of the Year 2018.

Not all colours are warm and earthy as these two.  You have much more somber tones like Cool Concrete Grey and White Putty which neutralise emotions but maintain a clear message in terms of marketing.

white putty.jpg

Check out all the other colours in Trendstop

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