my tribute to givenchy

hepburn in the 70´s givenchy

When I heard about Givenchy´s death I was completely unaware what he was best known for and started researching on some of his iconic pieces.  I came across some wonderful photos which gave me the feeling of regret for not having looked at his pieces more often.  I am still pretty new at learning and distinguishing designers´ work but I can now say I know little more about this French designer. First of all, his muse Audrey Hepburn. She wore his dresses as if it were her second skin and one of my favourite pics (of many) was this one were she’s wearing what seems to be a 60´s floral spring dress.


This timeless 1950´s tulle helmet is a perfect example of his ingenious, elegant style.

givency in the 70´s

I was drawn to this picture by the androgenous vibe it has with the heavy textiles in the garments. I´d never thought of Givenchy designing such a heavy look as my impression of him was his simplicity and femininity in his clothes.  However, this picture proved me wrong and I can now say he too englobed his designs in the genderless designs we have today

Check out the full article in Vogue UK

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