Spring / Summer 2018 Bags: Part 2


Today, I’m putting together a few designs which either include our loyal furry friends or are simply cuddly to hold.  For instance, I was surprised to see my own memorabilia in Moschino´s collection when I saw this My Little Pony lunchbox bag.  Seriously cute for a girlie  jeans / ballerina look for perhaps, tea and cakes at the park.

doggie bag

Next in line, we have these adorable `doggie´bags. The one above is by Thom Browne and would look great either using handles or carrying it on your arms as if it were your own pooch. However, if its space your after, then Gucci has also thought of printing your loveable friend on their tote bags.

Gucci 2

Now, the following bags are just extra cuddly to carry and remind us that fur is still here to stay, such as the shopper below by Roberto Cavalli made of goat´s hair.

roberto cavalli

Another huggable bag is this one from Maison Margiela which almost resembles a pillow.

maison margiela

All images are taken from Vogue UK

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