Spring / Summer Bags 2018: Part 3

Creatures of the wind

So what do we have for Part 3 of Spring /Summer 2018 bags today? Well, what could be practical accessories for us busy girls to carry everything in, instead just make a small gesture in our looks and sometime quite frankly can be quite a palaver to use.  Take this colour block one from Creatures of the Wind.  The red piping looks fab against the nude base colour and metallic clasp (especially with the gorgeous degradé leather coat in the pic) but I could only fit my phone in this one. Even so, I´d definitely wear this for a stroll along the park listening to Spotify on my phone.


I literally cannot think of anything I own that could fit into this one from this season’s Missoni collection. Just think of it as an extremely long cross-body necklace when you wear this.

alexander wang 4I thought this sparkly clutch by Alexander Wang was really cute but call me slightly dated but I personally wouldn’t have added the light brown plastic strap around it.  This bag reminds me of lots of rolled up money notes with an elastic band round it.


In the following images you will see that these designers thought `it takes two´to have a stylish bag.  Yes, I can agree with the originality of combining two pieces together with hoops like this one from Chloé or strapping them together like books like the one from Jil Sander below, but this last one would drive me nuts due to its impracticality.

Jill Sander

Or you could simply wear two rucksacks hanging from one another like this one from Maison Margiela, but remember sizing should be different.  This bag is great to wear both as a handbag or rucksack and it being white (which I love in bags!) this definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

maison margiela 2

And to wrap up, I could not finish off without mentioning the bum bag once again which are also mini bags which have it all, style and practicality all in one.  In one of my previous posts I mentioned my favourite picks from this season, and for this post I also choose this one from Gucci with its iconic colours and logo.  So classic!

gucci 5

All images are taken from Vogue UK


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