Spring/ Summer Bags 2018: Part 4

Still keeping up with this season´s bags and this time I’ve put together some which take me back to the past. They either bring back memories from my wonderful Sicilian next-door neighbours or simply remind me of what I thought I´d never be into, which are what I call granny bags. The ones my other elderly neighbour Betty used to carry when   I´d bump into her on her way to the supermarket.


First of all, these amusing Dolce & Gabanna bags with yummy cakes or peas in the pod bags are so alive with its bright colours which remind me of the old days at my neighbours´ house having pasta every Thursday evening in their Italian style kitchen. Aren´t they just bursting with colour and joy?!


Whereas these granny bags, with their 70´s retro print and rigid strap never appealed to me the slightest.  However, now I see them differently and appreciate their roomy interior and the so lady like vibe they give out. I´d love to wear this one nested on my elbow to the supermarket like Betty once did. Of course, not forgetting the punky lil ´  guy on the side which cheers it up.


Gucci 3

Or perhaps, any of these two darker models by Gucci though, in my opinion the one above lacks femininity.


gucci 4

And even though I have very much enjoyed most of Gucci´s collection this season, this bag did not do it for me. Its bucket-like design and awkward shape reminds me of the buckets elderly people carry veggies from their backyards.  This has to be the worst and painful bag to carry when holding heavy belongings and the best for sneaky pickpockets to get into.  Amusing to look at but not for me. Sorry Gucci.

All images are taken from Vogue UK

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