Spring / Summer Bags 2018: Part 5


With miserable grey cloudy skies we’ve been having here in Spain, today I’m going to fill my post with a splash of colour from this season’s bags.  First, we have these very similar designs from Sacai (above) and Valentino (below) with their funky patchwork-like bags which liven up any gloomy day.  I love the way they´ve styled this one from Sacai with the fucsia pleated skirt. Also, look out for squares as they will be everywhere and are gonna come in strong.

valentino 2

Next in line, this adorable Carolina Herrera colourful over- the -shoulder is also fab for today’s stripy-fever season with happy bold colours. Takes me back to my childhood´s favourite children’s morning show called Rainbow.


Now for Pop Art lovers, you’ll love these next bags from Prada.  Miuccia Prada has once again combined her love of fashion and art and has put together works from female artists inspired by comic heroines from the last century. You can also appreciate these prints in her skirts, dresses and coats.

Prada 4

Absolutely love the heavy black outline in these illustrations. And this one below just makes a little more bad ass with its metallic clasps and studs. Would definitely rock this with my DMs.

Prada 2

Someone else who´s used cartoons in his designs was Jeremy Scott.  Must admit, they’re quite amusing to look at and perks up any dark outfit. The plastic covered chain strap definitely breaks away from any conventionalism.

jeremy scott

oscar d la renta

And finally for today, I finish off with literally a splash of colour with this mega cute and artistic little bag from Oscar de la Renta.  Love the big flower on the flap and the hint of `splashed paint´is discreet, both casual and sophisticated for any day look.

All images are taken from Vogue UK

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