Timeless Jumpsuits

mono uterqüe.jpg

Driving past Uterqüe last Saturday, I was taken by this simple yet so sophisticated jumpsuit on the shop window.  Its clean and structured line, buttoned pipeline and wide belt all in the same colour gives it a 60´s twist to it.

This made me look into the history of  jumpsuits and came across these cool facts.

Did you know the first ever jumpsuit was made in 1919 by a Florentine designer, who went by the name of Thayat, for parachutists and skydivers? Hence the name jumpsuit, which was quite a suit for jumping!

It was not only until the 1930´s when Elsa Schiaparelli and Coco Chanel made theses iconic pieces coveted by women eventhough the later´s designs were much more daring.


From the Hollywood screen, it became a glamour piece when Katherine Hepburn wore the monogramed one-piece in the film Stage Door in 1937.

Katherine Hepburn in Stage Door. Image: Fashion Revival

During WWII, these glamorous jumpsuits turned into coveralls, more known today as overalls, as Vera Maxwell designed this jumpsuit worn by millions of `riveting Rosies´, who were the American women working in factories.  The famous `We Can Do It´poster of Rosie The Riveter in her jumpsuit and her polkadot headband has become inmensily known for the empowered feminine figure.

Rosie The Riveter

Later in the 60´s, they hit the catwalk with Courrèges´ futuristic one-pieces and then in the 70´s became iconic signature pieces from Elvis and Abba in their palazzo shimmering jumpsuits. The beautiful Charlie´s Angels were also seen in their disco fever pieces.


Many pop icons followed this trend and were seen in pop videos wearing tight-fitting versions such as the red PVC Britney Spears wore in her ´Oops! I Did It Again´video or Spice Girl Mel B in her characteristic animal-print piece.


And here we are in 2018 and it´s still going strong. We’ve seen them in military overall versions, sleek and black for evening wear and now we’re seeing their more laid-back side in floral, fresh fabrics and even in denim for the upcoming sunny weather like this fab one from Asos for just €62,99.



There is not one I don’t like and I look forward to seeing how it will inspire designers in the future to keep this comfortable and oh so sexy piece in fashion.

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