Head Over Heels


dolce gabanna
Dolce & Gabbana A/W 18

What do us girls wear that make us feel more powerful, confident and sexier, but gladly kick off when we get in the cab or walk in the through the door? Our heels, of course.  I recently read a very interesting article from Huffington Post which really made me think about women and heels and it´s so controversial. It makes you realise that whether we like it or not we´re still being judged about what message we want to put across and how heels are there to impose and cover our insecurities.

Well, this part of a shoe has always made a statement in a woman’s life whether she is looking to add some height and slender the figure or simply feel she can step into her role with a stronger attitude.

On the runway, we’ve seen heels change into curious shapes and been given make-overs with embellishments which make shoes the more interesting to look at.  Therefore, today I’m putting together a few of next season’s funky heels we´ll be seen in the streets.

prada 2
Prada A/W18

Prada has opted for a futuristic almost architectural type and Rick Owens´  bizarre looking `no-heel´ boots and brown tip amorphously change feet.

rick owens
Rick Owens A/W18

Now, loafers are yet popular on the runway again and there’s something so lady-like in this form of shoe which I absolutely love.  Here, we can see Rochas´sparkly brown loafers with a python covered chunky heel.

Rochas A/W18

And talking of chunky heels, check out Gucci´s creamy white slip-on sandals. The exaggerated wide heels on these pair suit perfectly to the 70´s vibe they have going on.

Gucci A/W18

Of course, cowboy boots are coming back strong and their heels will also stand out with triangular pointy shapes as seen in Isabel Marant.

isabel maran
Isabel Marant A/W18

Or perhaps keeping the cowboy heel in pretty metallic reliefs but in mountain like-boots in laces and rubber sole as seen in Chloè.

Chloe A/W18

Last but not least, I must mention these gorgeous mega sophisticated pair from Jacquemus where the heels remind me of an elegant wooden barred staircase and combine perfectly in rusty orange.


Check out Vogue´s ultimate shoe trend guide for A/W18 here.

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