My Favourite Dance Photographers


As you may know by now, I can´t get enough of images portraying movement.  For me, it brings the image to life and even though colour mesmerises me, form always beats it.   Here are some shots of some of my favourite dance photographers around.

dance 4.jpg

Some photographers, like the one above, use simple props to trace the dancer´s movements. This one from Alexander Yakolev, who uses sand as a medium for emphasis, has to be one of the best from this compilation.


Another prop such as light, is used by Eric Paré which leaves a mark around the dancer illuminating the moves against the dark backgrounds.

dance 6.jpg

All these images are taken in mid-motion which shows how gracefully the fabric and body move as if the caption is enough to enjoy the dance in a single shot. Such as Ken Browar or Deborah Ory in the image below.

dance 8

dance 7

Or Lois Greenfield and his swerving fabric delicately dancing around.

dance 2

Or the repetition of captions put together to show a story-board like image of the dancer as Jan Masny did in the image below.


Even though I was caught by the free flowing fabric in these former images, I was also captivated by the following images which also convey movement in a more sculptural way by the dancers´ body postures. These below are by Vadim Stein.

form 1vadim.jpg

Or this posture in a form X, which in some way is painful to watch from Jordan Matter, but would look so cool as poster with the bright colours background.


Check out other dance photographers here in

Thank for reading.. til next time;)

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