Oceans 8: The Next Fashion Flick

COEANS 8.jpg

I must admit I was never too excited about watching any of the Oceans trilogy but this spin-off  is definitely on my must-see list for this year.  An all-female cast including Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway and Rihanna, will be this summer’s chick-flick full of bad ass girl attitude with lots and lots of fashion.

Sandra Bullock plays Debbie Ocean, the late Danny Ocean´s sister, who plans a highly sophisticated heist of the Met Gala in New York City after being paroled from prison.

OCEANS 8 2.jpg

All eight very different women are characterised by costume designer Sarah Edwards, who dresses these Hollywood heavyweights and other 300 extras in couture and designer dresses. Edwards recently said at an interview that in order to look real they had to have access to authentic designer gowns.

OCEANS 8 3.jpg

We will see characters dressed in Valentino, Givenchy, Prada, D&G and lots more.

OCEANS 8 1.jpg

It´s the everyday uniforms of these eight women which underlie their personalities, such as Debbie Ocean herself who wears quite clean cut and sombre coloured garments whoops trying to go unnoticed after planning the heist in prison.  Meanwhile, Rihanna´s Rastafarian look with oversized clothes dresses the computer hacks she plays.


A full combination of highly trendy looks with a great cast just cannot be missed.

Oceans 8 will be released at cinemas from June 5th.  Can’t wait!

Meghan´s Long-Awaited Dresses

meghan wedding.jpg

After a little bit of thought, I have finally decided to write this post as I was caught in two whether I would end up contradicting myself.


So, the question is? Was the dress stunning as they make it out to be? I think the word `stunning´ here is overrated as it was nothing special. Let’s be honest. A white silk long-sleeved dress with a boat neck. That’s it. Nothing more to it, and I must agree with Katy Perry’s recent statement, `It needed another fitting´ as she so correctly put it. It hung loosely on the front part without giving it much structure to the chest or waist and we all know she has a cute tiny figure to flaunt, so why have a saggy/creased look on your big day?

On the positive side ( because there is one), her make-up and hair looked so natural it was perfect.  She’s got beautiful features and her olive skin shone wonderfully without having to masquerade it under lots of make-up.

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Ceremony, St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, Berkshire, UK - 19 May 2018

The veil was definitely the highlight.  Apart from trailing beautifully with the dress so delicately (as veils usually do), it was very clever to have had all the flowers embroidered onto the veil by all 53 countries in the Commonwealth. A true act of uniting people from all backgrounds and rights together.

meghans hollywood

Now for the evening gown, I truly have nothing negative to say.  Absolutely gorgeous.  Simplicity was also key and this Stella McCartney´s Ivory halter neck gown gave her the glamorous look she suits best in.  In comparison to Kate´s evening gown in 2011, which was very princess-like with the nipped in waist and sweetheart neckline, Meghan´s was modern, sexy and ideal for this American sweetheart.


Rokh: Perfectly Imperfect


After taking notes on which features will be in vogue in the following seasons, this particular designer caught my eye.  His name is Rok Hwang and he is said to be major in the next few months.

Seeing that deconstructed garments are hot on the catwalk, this fella will be king of deconstruction as he gets inspirations by taking apart second-hand clothes he finds in flea-markets and car-boot sales in London and Belgium and rethinks how to make it his own.


Apart from putting together his own idea of aesthetics into the garment, we can see he’s included key elements which are coming to stay, such as, utilitarian features with front pockets and loose-hanging straps.


Silky exaggerated blouses with front bow as we can see in this camel coloured blouse above. And as you may have seen he also uses lots of buttons, which in his eyes, allows garments to be opened and transformed giving it a different movement to them.


In the garment above, a double sleeve is hidden with a layer that can be pushed up with a casual effect, but without compromising warmth.

Rokh has worked for Céline and Louis Vuitton and has mastered luxury items.  He is also one of the nine finalists for the LVMH prize on June 6th, with an intimidating panel including Karl Lagerfeld and Nicholas Ghesquière. So watch this space if he gets his hands on the 300k prize and hopefully see him at next year´s London Fashion Week.

Asai´s Anti-Perfectionism

Fashion East, Ready To Wear, Fall Winter 2017 Fashion Show in London

If you’ve never heard of this London-born Chinese-Vietnamese CSM grad student, you will from now on.  His name is A Sai Ta. He launched his brand Asai in February 2017 with Fashion East and here is some of his work. He describes his work as `Exploring the nuances of British-Chinese-Vietnamese cultural heritage as a first-generation Londoner´ using his interlocking-embroidery technique which gives all his garments a magnificent edgy flow to them.  The dress in the image above is from his SS 17 collection so as the more sombre-coloured dress in the image below.  Either one of them would certainly be fascinating to watch down the catwalk.

asai fw 17

Neither one of his Spring/ Summer and Autumn Winter 18 collections have failed to surprise as we can still see lots of movement in skirts and dresses, such as in his metal chain dress below.  And we even caught a glimpse of cycling pants styled with his delicate denim-like bomber jacket, which I think is absolutely gorgeous. Don’t miss out on the the nunchaku handbag neither.



asai ss 18 1

And as for his A/W 18 collection I mentioned earlier, this too wowed fans with vibrant colours, such as this furry sun-yellow parka or his marble-like effect all-one suit (including extra-long leg warmers).

asai aw18

asai fw 18 2asai fw 18

And I cannot end without mentioning the cowboy-influenced detailing in his pieces such as these rolled-up jeans or use of patchwork in his denim pants, without forgetting his fringing at the bottom.  Fringes never looked so god damn cool!

asai fw 18 4

asai fall 18

Sunglasses Chains: This Summer´s Staple

Ever lost your favourite sunnies? If so, this summer’s staple will avoid that happening once again. Sunglasses Chains are coming back strong in the next few months and these vintage 90´s Chanel version are selling out like hot cakes in Etsy for a staggering $1,700.



unknownThis pair have been seen on celebs like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and most recently on Bella Hadid.

chanel cahin

I, however, prefer these more delicate versions from Chloé which accessorise specs lightly without overpowering the face. Both sunglasses chains are available on Net-a-Porter for $195.


Designer, Virgil Abloh, also jazzed up his version for a more sporty finish with this sunglasses strap, $120 at Ssense.

strap.jpgoff white

Farewell Judith

judith leiber

Last weekend, we said goodbye to one of the greatest bag designers of all time, Judith Leiber.

Her oh so cute yet very expensive bags are memories of her fun creations and these will be truly missed. Famous for turning food and luxurious items into these sparkling accessories is something I always enjoyed looking at.

Here are some of her little treasures, which suits everyone’s tastes. These are fab for the sweet-tooth girl in you…

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Or for the more glamorous side in you, this lipstick clutch can only be described as hot and sexy.


One of her last collaborations was with Alexander Wang when she created the $100 rolled note bag which was seen in Wang´s S/S 18 runway and below worn by Beyoncé.





Check out more about Judith Leiber and her exclusive bags in JudithLeiber.com


McQueen´s Upcoming Documentary

Lately, I’ve been doing my research in the history of fashion and part of it I´ve done it by watching documentaries on designers.  I’ve loved each and every one of them, but the one that moved me the most was the story about Alexander McQueen.

So, when I heard about the new documentary on the designer, McQueen, I was jumping with excitement.

This great artist, as troubled as he was, really had a true talent on wowing the audience.  His legend will live forever and hope this upcoming film will show many viewers like me the value of his work.

Check out the full article in Vogue UK



Head Over Heels


dolce gabanna
Dolce & Gabbana A/W 18

What do us girls wear that make us feel more powerful, confident and sexier, but gladly kick off when we get in the cab or walk in the through the door? Our heels, of course.  I recently read a very interesting article from Huffington Post which really made me think about women and heels and it´s so controversial. It makes you realise that whether we like it or not we´re still being judged about what message we want to put across and how heels are there to impose and cover our insecurities.

Well, this part of a shoe has always made a statement in a woman’s life whether she is looking to add some height and slender the figure or simply feel she can step into her role with a stronger attitude.

On the runway, we’ve seen heels change into curious shapes and been given make-overs with embellishments which make shoes the more interesting to look at.  Therefore, today I’m putting together a few of next season’s funky heels we´ll be seen in the streets.

prada 2
Prada A/W18

Prada has opted for a futuristic almost architectural type and Rick Owens´  bizarre looking `no-heel´ boots and brown tip amorphously change feet.

rick owens
Rick Owens A/W18

Now, loafers are yet popular on the runway again and there’s something so lady-like in this form of shoe which I absolutely love.  Here, we can see Rochas´sparkly brown loafers with a python covered chunky heel.

Rochas A/W18

And talking of chunky heels, check out Gucci´s creamy white slip-on sandals. The exaggerated wide heels on these pair suit perfectly to the 70´s vibe they have going on.

Gucci A/W18

Of course, cowboy boots are coming back strong and their heels will also stand out with triangular pointy shapes as seen in Isabel Marant.

isabel maran
Isabel Marant A/W18

Or perhaps keeping the cowboy heel in pretty metallic reliefs but in mountain like-boots in laces and rubber sole as seen in Chloè.

Chloe A/W18

Last but not least, I must mention these gorgeous mega sophisticated pair from Jacquemus where the heels remind me of an elegant wooden barred staircase and combine perfectly in rusty orange.


Check out Vogue´s ultimate shoe trend guide for A/W18 here.

Crocs on the Runway 2018

Christopher Kane Crocs Collection
Christopher Kane Crocs Collection S/S 18

Just when I said goodbye to my pair of Crocs as I popped them into the donating box two summers ago, they come back bolder than ever!!

I loved my pair. Light, airy and so colourful for happy comfortable feet in hot summer days but, for many their chunky foam aesthetic appearance was best kept for paddling in the pool or walking around the jungle like the Spanish adventurer Frank Cuesta would in his bright coloured pair covered in mud.

crocs 2
Crocs X Balenciaga

So, when I was flipping through my Elle mag the other day and saw them on the runway at Christopher Kane S/S18 I was laughing my head off and of course, kicking myself for having been too fast of getting rid of mine. As you can see, Balenciaga also collaborated with `the ugliest shoe brand´ making them into monstruous platforms and covering them in colourful pin-embellishments. Unbelievably, these sold out before they were released for a staggering $1100!!

Check out the full article in The Mercury

Timeless Jumpsuits

mono uterqüe.jpg

Driving past Uterqüe last Saturday, I was taken by this simple yet so sophisticated jumpsuit on the shop window.  Its clean and structured line, buttoned pipeline and wide belt all in the same colour gives it a 60´s twist to it.

This made me look into the history of  jumpsuits and came across these cool facts.

Did you know the first ever jumpsuit was made in 1919 by a Florentine designer, who went by the name of Thayat, for parachutists and skydivers? Hence the name jumpsuit, which was quite a suit for jumping!

It was not only until the 1930´s when Elsa Schiaparelli and Coco Chanel made theses iconic pieces coveted by women eventhough the later´s designs were much more daring.


From the Hollywood screen, it became a glamour piece when Katherine Hepburn wore the monogramed one-piece in the film Stage Door in 1937.

Katherine Hepburn in Stage Door. Image: Fashion Revival

During WWII, these glamorous jumpsuits turned into coveralls, more known today as overalls, as Vera Maxwell designed this jumpsuit worn by millions of `riveting Rosies´, who were the American women working in factories.  The famous `We Can Do It´poster of Rosie The Riveter in her jumpsuit and her polkadot headband has become inmensily known for the empowered feminine figure.

Rosie The Riveter

Later in the 60´s, they hit the catwalk with Courrèges´ futuristic one-pieces and then in the 70´s became iconic signature pieces from Elvis and Abba in their palazzo shimmering jumpsuits. The beautiful Charlie´s Angels were also seen in their disco fever pieces.


Many pop icons followed this trend and were seen in pop videos wearing tight-fitting versions such as the red PVC Britney Spears wore in her ´Oops! I Did It Again´video or Spice Girl Mel B in her characteristic animal-print piece.


And here we are in 2018 and it´s still going strong. We’ve seen them in military overall versions, sleek and black for evening wear and now we’re seeing their more laid-back side in floral, fresh fabrics and even in denim for the upcoming sunny weather like this fab one from Asos for just €62,99.



There is not one I don’t like and I look forward to seeing how it will inspire designers in the future to keep this comfortable and oh so sexy piece in fashion.