I say shoo to Balenciaga´s chou chou

Once again, fashion baffles me with come backs that quite frankly should stay back.  When I was glancing through my Elle mag the other day and saw these hair scrunchies, which I absolutely hated wearing when I was a kid in the early 90´s, worn as bracelets I was like `The world’s gone mad again!´, especially the price it´s going for. Nothing less but for £145 each. Cheap, huh?!


Who´s shown us these cringey little accessories on the catwalk again? Balenciaga, of course. Why do I say this? Well, I can understand how it sticks to Balenciaga´s philosophy of voluminous forms around the body and his new chou chou bracelet resembles his 1967 evening gown with `chou´wrap in silk Gazar.


You certainly cannot go unnoticed with these in your hair or as Balenciaga´s creative director, Demna Gvasalia, has done by accessorising the girls´ wrists on the runway.  It must be something personal I have against these lil guys and perhaps one day, I´ll realise just like with many other things that come into fashion, the more you see something, the more in grows on you. What’s your opinion about these scrunchy (excuse me, chou chou sounds more chic) bracelets?


Images taken by Farfetch and Pinterest




Spring / Summer 2018 Bags: Finale

This is my last post on this season’s bags and to round it up I’ve put together bags which sum up to what would describe my style.  Minimalist, simple and discreet (sometimes!).  The next compilation of bags would definitely be in my wardrobe (if I could afford them) for their effortless coolness about them.

First, these designers have opted for circular shapes or rings in their pieces and I have to say I love this delicate touch to these babies.

Like these from Valentino…

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…or this one from Louis Vuitton, which quite frankly is so perfect in every way. The beautiful brown hues in this design with its golden clasp and buckle are just worthy of saving up for months…many months!

moius bag

I also fell in love with this leather woven design by Loewe. The white stitching contrasting its tanned body adds total sophistication.

loewe 3

Moving on to much more springy like colours are these two models by Miu Miu or the cross-stitch bag by Alexander McQueen.  So pretty and girlie for a first date or an afternoon visit to the gallery.

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Lastly, these next bags are completely different to the previous. All of which are bold in black and orange contrasts such as the new rucksack Fenty X Puma by Rihanna and Marc Jacobs rucksack with its innovative side handle. Or the incredibly futuristic bag from Balenciaga with its hard outer case body which seems it´s come out from a sci-fi movie.

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All in all, I hope every one of these bags I have posted for the past week has sparked up some kind of interest to you as they have done to me whether it being for its peculiarity or classic simplicity.


All  images are taken from Vogue UK

Spring / Summer Bags 2018: Part 5


With miserable grey cloudy skies we’ve been having here in Spain, today I’m going to fill my post with a splash of colour from this season’s bags.  First, we have these very similar designs from Sacai (above) and Valentino (below) with their funky patchwork-like bags which liven up any gloomy day.  I love the way they´ve styled this one from Sacai with the fucsia pleated skirt. Also, look out for squares as they will be everywhere and are gonna come in strong.

valentino 2

Next in line, this adorable Carolina Herrera colourful over- the -shoulder is also fab for today’s stripy-fever season with happy bold colours. Takes me back to my childhood´s favourite children’s morning show called Rainbow.


Now for Pop Art lovers, you’ll love these next bags from Prada.  Miuccia Prada has once again combined her love of fashion and art and has put together works from female artists inspired by comic heroines from the last century. You can also appreciate these prints in her skirts, dresses and coats.

Prada 4

Absolutely love the heavy black outline in these illustrations. And this one below just makes a little more bad ass with its metallic clasps and studs. Would definitely rock this with my DMs.

Prada 2

Someone else who´s used cartoons in his designs was Jeremy Scott.  Must admit, they’re quite amusing to look at and perks up any dark outfit. The plastic covered chain strap definitely breaks away from any conventionalism.

jeremy scott

oscar d la renta

And finally for today, I finish off with literally a splash of colour with this mega cute and artistic little bag from Oscar de la Renta.  Love the big flower on the flap and the hint of `splashed paint´is discreet, both casual and sophisticated for any day look.

All images are taken from Vogue UK

Spring/ Summer Bags 2018: Part 4

Still keeping up with this season´s bags and this time I’ve put together some which take me back to the past. They either bring back memories from my wonderful Sicilian next-door neighbours or simply remind me of what I thought I´d never be into, which are what I call granny bags. The ones my other elderly neighbour Betty used to carry when   I´d bump into her on her way to the supermarket.


First of all, these amusing Dolce & Gabanna bags with yummy cakes or peas in the pod bags are so alive with its bright colours which remind me of the old days at my neighbours´ house having pasta every Thursday evening in their Italian style kitchen. Aren´t they just bursting with colour and joy?!


Whereas these granny bags, with their 70´s retro print and rigid strap never appealed to me the slightest.  However, now I see them differently and appreciate their roomy interior and the so lady like vibe they give out. I´d love to wear this one nested on my elbow to the supermarket like Betty once did. Of course, not forgetting the punky lil ´  guy on the side which cheers it up.


Gucci 3

Or perhaps, any of these two darker models by Gucci though, in my opinion the one above lacks femininity.


gucci 4

And even though I have very much enjoyed most of Gucci´s collection this season, this bag did not do it for me. Its bucket-like design and awkward shape reminds me of the buckets elderly people carry veggies from their backyards.  This has to be the worst and painful bag to carry when holding heavy belongings and the best for sneaky pickpockets to get into.  Amusing to look at but not for me. Sorry Gucci.

All images are taken from Vogue UK

Spring / Summer Bags 2018: Part 3

Creatures of the wind

So what do we have for Part 3 of Spring /Summer 2018 bags today? Well, what could be practical accessories for us busy girls to carry everything in, instead just make a small gesture in our looks and sometime quite frankly can be quite a palaver to use.  Take this colour block one from Creatures of the Wind.  The red piping looks fab against the nude base colour and metallic clasp (especially with the gorgeous degradé leather coat in the pic) but I could only fit my phone in this one. Even so, I´d definitely wear this for a stroll along the park listening to Spotify on my phone.


I literally cannot think of anything I own that could fit into this one from this season’s Missoni collection. Just think of it as an extremely long cross-body necklace when you wear this.

alexander wang 4I thought this sparkly clutch by Alexander Wang was really cute but call me slightly dated but I personally wouldn’t have added the light brown plastic strap around it.  This bag reminds me of lots of rolled up money notes with an elastic band round it.


In the following images you will see that these designers thought `it takes two´to have a stylish bag.  Yes, I can agree with the originality of combining two pieces together with hoops like this one from Chloé or strapping them together like books like the one from Jil Sander below, but this last one would drive me nuts due to its impracticality.

Jill Sander

Or you could simply wear two rucksacks hanging from one another like this one from Maison Margiela, but remember sizing should be different.  This bag is great to wear both as a handbag or rucksack and it being white (which I love in bags!) this definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

maison margiela 2

And to wrap up, I could not finish off without mentioning the bum bag once again which are also mini bags which have it all, style and practicality all in one.  In one of my previous posts I mentioned my favourite picks from this season, and for this post I also choose this one from Gucci with its iconic colours and logo.  So classic!

gucci 5

All images are taken from Vogue UK


Spring / Summer 2018 Bags: Part 2


Today, I’m putting together a few designs which either include our loyal furry friends or are simply cuddly to hold.  For instance, I was surprised to see my own memorabilia in Moschino´s collection when I saw this My Little Pony lunchbox bag.  Seriously cute for a girlie  jeans / ballerina look for perhaps, tea and cakes at the park.

doggie bag

Next in line, we have these adorable `doggie´bags. The one above is by Thom Browne and would look great either using handles or carrying it on your arms as if it were your own pooch. However, if its space your after, then Gucci has also thought of printing your loveable friend on their tote bags.

Gucci 2

Now, the following bags are just extra cuddly to carry and remind us that fur is still here to stay, such as the shopper below by Roberto Cavalli made of goat´s hair.

roberto cavalli

Another huggable bag is this one from Maison Margiela which almost resembles a pillow.

maison margiela

All images are taken from Vogue UK

Spring / Summer Bags 2018: Part 1

chanel 2OH MY! I just have to share this with you as I’ve just found a brilliant article in Vogue UK on Spring / Summer 2018 bags.

I am one to use the same bag for everything and just find it challenging to find and buy the bag I absolutely love.  Then again, if I didn’t have a budget I’m sure that wouldn’t be a problem…just like all these favs I will be compiling for the next week.  Give me the dosh, and I would fill my wardrobe in no time..

I love fringes on bag.  There’s something about the movement of fringes which makes them so care-free.  Like this Chanel clutch bag with diamonte fringes which makes such a statement.

chanel 3

In this PVC shopper version, shopping has never been so sparkly and glamorous.


Celiné has also covered its sphere party bag with sparkly fringes which is superb for disco night. Love the way they’ve combined it with the red shoes.

Instead, Loewe has stuck to basics and has used natural materials to create these dishevelled fringes to their creamy white knit bag or simply cut them into their shopper bag so they hang neatly.

loewe 2


Versus Versace has used different materials to add their own in this bright green shoulder bag or Calvin Klein in their mega-long fringed orange bag resembling cheerleaders´ pom poms.

Versus Versace

calvin klein.jpg

All images are taken from Vogue Uk

Coachella Crop Tops


I’ve combined a few of my favourite crop tops (and some not so cropped) for today’s post.  Most of which are white and either lace or denim but in all all, I think are super sexy and perfect for a summery occasion like Coachella.


The one above is so Marilyn Monroe inspired which suits perfectly with the flowing mini skirt. The model´s hairstyle is also ideal for the look and brings out the mellow vibes from this Californian music festival.


Of course, all these gorgeous girls are beautifully sun-kissed baring slim tummies and toned pins to wear these tops and ripped cut-offs. So, these daring pieces are suitable fitted with loose kaftans or robes for a relaxed effortless hippy chic look.


Check out more inspirational looks for Coachella here in Fashion Gum

Tom Ford’s Swarovski Slingback



As transparencies are hot this season, I thought I´d post these gorgeous slingback from Tom Ford, as seen on Beyonce´s recent spring romantic look she posted this week on Instagram.  I must admit I am fond of her flirty almond-hued Temperley London dress but I’m just not feeling it seeing it on this wild and eccentric diva. However, her shoes I absolutely adored.  These peep toes are covered with Swarosvki crystals and are available in both black and silver.  Must admit, the image of these heels in Tom Ford’s online website wouldn’t catch my attention, but seeing them modelled on Beyoncé I truly want a pair.


Check out more images of Beyoncé in her new girly look here in Daily Mail

My Favourite Belt Bags for Spring 18

Gucci £1210Bum bags, now more commonly known as belt bags, have been around for the last couple of seasons and I was really excited about their come back. Of course, I wasn’t expecting boring plain nylon versions all over again and hoped for lots of colour, texture and embellishment.  So when I came across these lovelies from Gucci and Miu Miu I was convinced.


I love the combination of suede and leather from Miu Miu in this Rider Quilted Leather belt bag and think its wonderfully versatile with its bubblegum pink suede sides and brown leather front.


But being such a fan of the colour red, my best pick is this Gucci GG Marmont Leather belt bag in red which would come with me everywhere from morning to night. Absolutely in love with it!

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