my tribute to givenchy

hepburn in the 70´s givenchy

When I heard about Givenchy´s death I was completely unaware what he was best known for and started researching on some of his iconic pieces.  I came across some wonderful photos which gave me the feeling of regret for not having looked at his pieces more often.  I am still pretty new at learning and distinguishing designers´ work but I can now say I know little more about this French designer. First of all, his muse Audrey Hepburn. She wore his dresses as if it were her second skin and one of my favourite pics (of many) was this one were she’s wearing what seems to be a 60´s floral spring dress.


This timeless 1950´s tulle helmet is a perfect example of his ingenious, elegant style.

givency in the 70´s

I was drawn to this picture by the androgenous vibe it has with the heavy textiles in the garments. I´d never thought of Givenchy designing such a heavy look as my impression of him was his simplicity and femininity in his clothes.  However, this picture proved me wrong and I can now say he too englobed his designs in the genderless designs we have today

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New surfaces at Denim Première Vision S/S 19


As you may have read in my H&M Conscious post a couple of days ago, many brands are opting to go Eco.  At the Denim Premiére Vision S/S 19, which took place in Oct last year, we could see how sustainability in the world of fashion is becoming more present.  A combination of natural materials such as cotton, linen and even plastic were seen to create denim products as exhibitors wanted to draw their focal point on reducing the water consumption in production. Of course, this was not the only highlight of the event as new textures and techniques were incorporated into denim such as these holographic colourations and contrasting colourful wefts.


We could also see soft and luminescent textiles used in garments which gave it movement and a delicate sheen to them.


And if we thought we´d be fed up of checks, we were wrong. 3D geometrical shapes such as squared will be present in denim using a combination of weaving effects and print.

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Which would be your Colour of the Year 2018?


As part of my research into trends for my Coolhunting course I’ve been recently taking, I came across Trendstop´s blog and found this wonderful post about Colour of the Year 2018 prediction. All these colours symbolise different characteristics such as these funky red tones which scream out PASSION, ENERGY AND POWER. Seems like this colour will be a focal point for this year and the next!


Or this Sunglow Yellow which radiates HOPE, HONOUR AND JOYNESS. These are some of the few colours, which based on lots of research, were in the leading predictions for Colour of the Year 2018.

Not all colours are warm and earthy as these two.  You have much more somber tones like Cool Concrete Grey and White Putty which neutralise emotions but maintain a clear message in terms of marketing.

white putty.jpg

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Cult Gaia VS Steve Madden



These two bags look practically the same but in fact they are from two different designers.  The one on the left is Steve Madden´s Shipper bag and the one on the right is by Cult Gaia. Truth is, Cult Gaia´s founder Jasmine Larian has sued Steven Madden for `infringing´its best known Ark bag, whereas Steve Madden has fought back in its defence.  In his complaint, he states about the true originality of the bag as she has too copied the traditional Japanese bamboo picnic bag.


In my eyes, Larian has brought a traditional accessory into her collection as part of her inspiration and has done right in doing so.  The variety of colours and materials used in her collection has reawakened the purpose of this Japanese utility bag and is a base to her other wonderful bamboo bags in her collection.

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6 Six Years of ConsciousNess


For six years, H&M´s Conscious collection has grown into beautiful art pieces.  These wonderful designs for S/S 18 are inspired on Swedish artists Karin and Carl Larsson.  Of course, we cannot forget that being from the Conscious line, these fabrics are nonetheless from recycled materials  of Econyl a 100% generated Nylon fibre from nylon waste.  Some of which is recovered from oceans such as fishnets and other plastics.  Unbelievably so, theses neglected materials in our ocean floors have become beautiful fashionable pieces such as summery maxi dresses or even this high-neck lace-imitating wedding dress.


This year’s collection also includes recycled silver from scraps such as these earrings to accessorise this great example of sustainable fashion collection.


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Denim Rips Dare to Bare


Ripped jeans at the knees are old news. Rips are moving upwards to the derrière and in some cases leaving nothing to the imagination in the case of thong jeans or crotchless jeans from The Ragged Priest. These last ones haven´t had a good reaction from the public and were highly mocked. Personally, these just don’t seem to grow on me..


However, if I had to choose between these buttless jeans and the thong jeans, my decision is clear. Thong jeans look trashy and are pointless strings hanging down legs, which leave not only nothing to the imagination but say nothing in the name fashion.


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Tie-Dye Springs Back


The irregular intensity and shades of tie dying are back for Spring/Summer 18. Pharrell Williams´ collaboration with Adidas and Michael Kors have bet on this 90´s trend. While Kors has used this technique in trench coats, summery dresses and pants, Adidas have coloured their sportswear with bold colours and traces of this ghostly print. Harmonious purple hues and strong powerful colours combine in the latter and give off the essence of, which it is based on, the Indian Festival of Holi.


However, this has back fired for Adidas as they have been accused for appropriation by the Hindi community and believe they are using this spiritual celebration for marketing purposes, which in their eyes disrespects the religious act.

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On the other hand, Michael Kors has simply turned this once almost-hippy-looking print from 20 years ago to a more sophisticated yet casual look as we can appreciate in his beige tie-dye trench coat or light blue airy dress.


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Gucci´s Sans Photography Campaign


I can’t love Gucci´s S/S 18 campaign anymore than what I do. They have gone sans-photography and have used magical illustrations from the Spanish illustrator Ignasi Monreal and I simply find the colours truly hipnotizing. Maintaining Gucci´s strong retro colours but blending in these romantic hues takes you to Utopian Fantasy, as this campaign is called.



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Gucci´s Dazzling Pins


Forget about covering your pins with boring plain tights anymore. Thanks to Gucci, we´ll be seeing shimmery legs from now on.  Not only can we avoid shivering on a girl’s night out but can also dazzle as never before! At Gucci´s Spring/Summer 2018 show, models wore these all cover crystal tights (worth a grand!) which are now available to buy.

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