When I came across Connecticut´s prop stylist and designer Kristen Meyer´s work, I was mesmerised.  Her meticulous pieces are constructed by organic gatherings she collects and represents them in precise circles or squares.


Among the natural materials, she uses everything from stones, pebbles, shells to flowers, food and even biscuits.


Her precise geometric designs are compounded carefully into harmonious images working with colour and texture.


You can find more of Meyer´s incredible work here on instagram or shop prints of her images on her website Salvage Design.


Click here to watch a quick video of the making of one of her designs.

Images taken from My Modern Met.com

Moving Up by Key-Took Geum

Can you guess what you’re looking at? What seems like blobs of delicate translucent strings of colour are actually sculptures of garments made of wire and beads (seen from the bottom).

Moving Legends by Key-Took Geum

Korean artist Key-Sook Geum has brilliantly made these beautiful ghostly shapes of garments from wire and beads and what impresses me the most is the space and volume she creates and the delicacy in her works.

Nirvana in White by Key- Sook Geum

Almost like ghostly souls rising from the dead, these pieces are truly remarkable and have a silhouhette of their own.

Not only does she create dresses but other garments too, like coats, vests and shirts.

Navy Juangpao (detail) by Key-Sook Geum

Here we can see a close up of how detailed the work is.  Quite a masterpiece.

Check out more of her wonderful pieces here in Callan Contemporary


Being Spring, it´s that time of year we’ve all been waiting for when flowers are blooming gracefully in meadows and parks and life just seems happier again.


This video confirms how truly beautiful flowers can be. Not that I ever denied it but, sometimes one forgets these natural wonders Mother Nature has given us.

Watch the following video by Thomas Blanchard how flowers react and `dance´to some elements such as fire, ice and even ink creating spectacular moving shapes and seeing colour at its full glory surrounding the organic form of flowers.

Watch video by Thomas Blanchard here on National Geographic





As part of my daily research for the course I’m currently taking, I must add any source of inspiration that has caught my eye.  I´d like to begin by posting on my new Inspiration category, this lovely video of the Romanian egg painter, Elena Craciunescu,  whose well-known for her beautiful artwork.  As Easter has almost come to an end for 2018, I´d like to share her amazing techniques to produce these wonderful motifs which are inspired in her town´s buildings in Ciocanesti.

It has taken generations to pass this skill onto grandchildren and thankfully it is still respected and villagers maintain this tradition as a source of income.


Using a similar process to batik, layers of wax and dye reveal these fine details.

Check out how it´s done in this short video by National Geographic